Month: July 2016

Making What No One else Will

I am fascinated by skateboards, but the electric ones are the most interesting to me. To be able to ride on a person vehicle while standing is a pretty thrilling experience. Sadly, among the manufactures, there isn't much interest in the production of electronic skateboards. The lack of electronic skateboard manufactures was disturbing to me, and I made a plan to do something about it. I had some designs that I made for my own electronic skateboard, and I wanted to mass produce them. I went to and asked them to make an video that would showcase the features of my board.

The board has an electric motor that is powered by rechargeable batteries. On the top of the board is a set of LEDs arranged in a square inside holes. The LEDs show how much battery power is left by illuminating themselves to make the shape of a battery. The LEDs can display in more than one color. When the battery charge is high, they display in a green color with a full illumination of the LEDs i the battery shape. When the charge is half gone, they change to a yellow color, and when it is low, they turn red. A battery with a full charge can skate for 30 minutes, and it will take 2 hours to charge.

The board also has high powered LEDs in the front and back for lighting the path of the skater at night, and for showing other people that the skater is present. The addition of these lights are for safety purposes. A visible skater has a better chance of not being hit by a car, and a skater that has an illuminated path can avoid obstacles. The board is controlled by a wireless controller, but a phone can be used via an app.

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