Day: June 2, 2017

I Had to Come Up with a New Plan Quickly

Wondering what I should do for the family party that I was supposed to have at my place for a big game night really had me stressed out. Everyone in our family takes turns doing it for the big rival came that happens. I had escaped having it at my place for the last five years, but I couldn’t get out of it this year. Desperate, I told my sister I needed an alternative plan quickly and she suggested Diamond Party Bus as the perfect venue. She then proceeded to tell me what they do. I was pretty greatful because you cannot get away with not hosing a rival game day when it is your turn in our family.

Most of my family members are doctors, lawyers and other people who are pretty high up on the executive ladder in life. I have never made it that far. I am someone who prefers manual labor, and I just don’t make the same kind of money that the rest of my family members do. (more…)

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